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THE piece for all of you who live for skiing as we do!
Everyone who sits on a chair lift with skis on takes this and exactly this picture. Admit it! You have at least one on your phone and you love to show it or post it.
Well, where’s the need to wait for opportunities to display the view, when you can wear it on your back?

This unisex shirt, made of 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton, builds the perfect base for a cosy and beautiful design. The organic material will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and makes your shirt easy to clean and handle.

Wether you combine this shirt with jeans, a skirt, lounge wear, blazer, sport clothes – whatever comes to your mind-, you will be an absolute eye-catcher in everyday life and on special occasions.

And what is the most important: You will not just look, but also feel amazing!

The ALL TIMER is a medium cut shirt. So if you wish to wear it a bit tighter we recommend to order one size smaller though this depends on your features. Sorry we can’t explain this cut better :) Maybe it helps to know that it’s cut straight and it’s quite long and up to now everyone was very happy with the ALL TIMER. If you need more information or exact measurements please use the contact page.