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people change, styles change

Everyone knows the feeling when looking into the wardrobe and just not liking what you see any more. But before running into the next store, check on your “old and unstylish” clothes. Do they still fit? Are they still of good quality? Send them to us. We’ll upstyle them for you in and you will get back your old stuff transformed to a unique new piece.


Project 1

Take simple black shirt and make it special. The plan was to upstyle the original and create a more elegant and delicate version. The satin ribbon added to the lower rim is decorated with black embroidery and makes this simple black thing absolutely unique. We know it’s hard to see on the picture, but believe us when we say that this upstyled shirt is an amazing choice for your party or dinner style


Project 2

The black shirtdress you can see in the small picture lost its proportions and a lot of length due to heavy use and countless washings over the last years. As it still fits and is in good quality it would have been an outrage to throw it away. And who doesn’t sometimes wish for “the little black” that isn’t THAT elegant and dinner-party-like? To lengthen the dress we just added a ribbon made of white lace to the lower rim and voilá ... the new favourite piece of your ward robe is created